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Detailed stats for The International 11 Regional Qualifiers

Published at: 2022-09-18 08:25:00

The International 11 Regional Qualifiers have ended. Over the past 2 weeks, 75 teams played many matches, from which we got a lot of interesting statistics.

General Stats

  • Over the qualifiers, teams played 257 maps.
  • Longest map of the qualifiers lasted 71:42 minutes. This was a match between Into The Breach and Goonsquad.
  • Fastest map of the qualifiers ended in 18:16 minutes. It was played between Tempest and Hokori.
  • Most productive map was the match between Neon Esports and RSG. The players made 90 frags, and RSG won.
  • lowskill of IVY has the highest GPM with 1.140. The Esportsman managed to achieve it in a match against DGG Esports.
  • Highest KDA belongs to xsilearn of RSG. He has 50.
  • Somnus of Royal Never Give Up has the highest average KDA — 18.23.
  • Average duration per map is 39:25 min.
  • Dire side was stronger and won 57.2% of all maps.
  • Team with the largest hero pool was Team Secret. Its members played 41 different heroes.

Meta of the Regional Qualifiers

ArtStation - Dota 2 - Rider of the Scorching Vesper [Batrider Set]

In the weeks before the qualifiers, Valve released patch 7.32. Teams had little time to practice, and some participants built their hero pools during the qualifiers.

Most Drafted Heroes

In this block, we've highlighted the 5 heroes that appeared most often in drafts. It means that teams either picked them or banned them.

  • Batrider: 238 times; 65 picks and 173 bans;
  • Enigma: 233 times; 53 picks and 180 bans;
  • Undying: 233 times; 81 picks and 152 bans;
  • Marci: 216 times; 122 picks and 94 bans;
  • Death Prophet: 211 times; 104 picks and 107 bans.

Most Picked Heroes

This block compiles the 5 heroes, which were in the teams' picks more often than others. Statistically, each of them became a priority pick target in phase 1. Only in extreme cases, players picked them in phases 2 and 3.

  • Marci: 122 times;
  • Death Prophet: 104 times;
  • Undying: 81 times;
  • Batrider: 65 times;
  • Tiny: 63 times.

Highest Win Rate Heroes

There are 5 heroes in this block with the highest win rate with at least 10 maps played. Heroes from this block were most often picked in phases 2 and 3, allowing teams to adjust to their opponent's set-up.

  • Medusa (11 maps): 72.73% WR.
  • Visage (42 maps): 69.05% WR.
  • Faceless Void (55 maps): 67.27% WR.
  • Naga Siren (12 maps): 66.67% WR.
  • Enigma (53 maps): 66.04% WR.

Unclaimed Heroes

Only 2 heroes during qualifiers didn't make it to team drafts. These are:

  • Silencer
  • Outworld Destroyer

The International 11 Regional Qualifiers took place from September 3-17. Teams from each region fought for one invitation to the group stage of the tournament, as well as 2 slots to Last Chance.

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